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Getting Started


The best way to start working with Viewshare is to read three short tutorials that walk you through the Viewshare workflow:

Beyond these three guides, the Viewshare user guide provides more comprehensive information about each individual feature.

The Viewshare User Stories demonstrate the ways specific institutions have utilized Viewshare's features to enhance and promote their cultural heritage collections.

If you run into trouble, or can't figure something out, post a question in the troubleshooting section of the Feedback forums

The Viewshare FAQ page can help you find quick answers to specific questions about the site. 


Don't have any data to get started? Don't worry, you can use some of ours! First, download any of the following sample files:
Now, upload one of the files from your hard drive to Viewshare!


You can track data files and Collections as they are uploaded; just subscribe to the appropriate news feed!
  • Track the latest Collections added to the system 
  • Track the latest data files added to the system 
  • The most recent Collections created by a particular user can be tracked by:
  • Similarly, the latest data files uploaded by a particular user can be tracked by subscribing to the following news feed pattern:

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